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Integrated Bodywork

Mainly using Bowen Therapy,
Emmett Technique and Reiki etc.

What does Integrated Treatments Mean?

This just means I use all the tools, skills and techniques I know to assist you during a treatment. 

I adapt my treatments to the symptoms you present with. 

Treatment provides the overall balancing of the body as a whole which gets to the cause of your symptoms to relieve pain fast and effectively. Muscular and spinal alignment is improved, pain is decreased and the body functions such as nervous system, blood circulation, lymphatic system, digestion etc all improve.

How long is the treatment?

Treatment time is usually around 45-60 minutes for adults and around 30mins for children under 12 years of age.  But I'm not in a clinic situation or having to run to strict timetables, time is not usually a factor. With my Mobile Services, I allow plenty of time to spend with each client before I leave to get to my next house. So my appointments are no-longer based on time but rather what symptoms we are addressing and how your body is responding to the treatment on any given day. On average especially if your new to me you could expect 60 minutes.

What you can expect.

You can expect to feel relaxed during and after your treatment.  For the most part you are not required to remove clothing, apart from bulky clothing.  Treatment can be done standing and sitting if it is to painful to lay down but most treatment is done on a massage table.  You should feel a change to your symptoms from the very first treatment and usually 3-4 treatments can resolve most pain patterns.  We can discuss a treatment plan and expected outcomes during your initial appointment or over the phone when you book your first treatment.


I may encourage and teach you some simple techniques to help with your symptoms to lengthen periods in between treatment sessions especially if your a pain maintenance person; meaning you have a condition that can't be fixed but we can minimize the pain associated to your condition (which is what I do for myself).  Giving you the ability to help improve your symptoms yourself. 

Need more help to decide?

Lets discuss what your symptoms are and options for how I think I can help you.  I'd encourage you to have at least two sessions, then you can decide if this is the right treatment for you. Two treatments are often all that's required to really feel the benefits but there are times where more are indicated..  


How often do you need a treatment

As many or as few as you want.  


I work on people that come monthly or every couple of months that like the relaxation as well as the alignment (they call it a tune up), other people I only see once or twice a year or every couple of years if they re-injure themselves.


Everyone's different - I can advise you as to what may be best, but ultimately you will feel yourself when you need to return and therefore decide your own time frame for treatment.  

For a detailed look at individual therapies please go to our services page.

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