Chapman’s Reflexes

This Technique is done by Kerry where she integrates her skills into her treatment plan specific to you needs.

These reflex points and sequences can easily be taught so you can improve

your condition even further yourself.

Chapman’s Reflexes are named in honor of Frank Chapman, D.O., the osteopathic physician who discovered and charted their location and therapeutic value in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and Dr. Charles Owens continued with this work after the death of Dr. Chapman.

Chapman’s Reflex points are a simple, yet efficient way to help correct muscle function and posture, which in turn can reduce pain.


These neurolymphatic points are stimulated simply by making small circular movements which I often show my clients, so they may further improve their conditions themselves at home.

Anxiety symptoms are at the highest they have been, in an Australian survey, 35% reporting having a significant level of distress in their lives. (Australian Psychological Society 5-year study) The volume of stress that we constantly live under has reflected on how the body responds to continuous fight, flight or fright.


When we develop postural changes we have low oxygen to the type I postural muscles which are dependent upon it. A cycle of hormone imbalance, muscle misuse, lymphatic congestion and nervous system shut-down occurs.

By improving the neural pathways, we can conversely affect the hormones released by the Pituitary and Hypothalamus which denotes whether we are in “Fight or Flight” or “Rest and Digest”.

The benefits of stimulating these points include motility of the lymph system, improved muscle function and improvement of general wellbeing.

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