We do not hold regular classes but we do have a program to teach different styles of meditation either a one day event or over a couple of days/nights.  Use email below if you wish to be contacted when the next event is being held.



Meditation is a great way to relax and unwind from day to day stress.  Many people write it off because they think that its to hard, there is an expectation of having to still the mind or not think during meditation.  


There is no right or wrong way to meditate, its not all about having a blank mind, and chanting Oom.  When you bring meditation into your life you create a sense of calmness, you have more focus, start reaching goals at a faster pace.  


To enjoy meditation you may have to try different styles and techniques until you find something that you like.  


There are many reasons to persist with meditation and those that do reap the benefits.


Meditation helps us observe and explore the world of thoughts and feelings, create change in perceptions and behaviours that hold us back.  Meditation allows us to reach our subconscious and go beyond to an experience of deep peace and contentment.

Donna or Kerry may take you through a short mediation as part of your treatment especially for those that suffer anxiety and high stress or are suffering emotional trauma. We may give you some advice on how to continue to meditate or give you some breathing exercises to help you to balance your nervous system to ease anxiety or stress in your life.

We do not teach regular mediation in a class situation any longer although we do hold short courses that cover mediation for those that would like to learn and continue the practice at home.  

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