Muscle Energy Techn


MET is integrated into Massage

and other treatments

facilitated by Kerry

Muscle Energy Technique can be integrated during a treatment where necessary or can be taught and given as an exercise

to help you in

between your visits 

What is MET

Muscle Energy Technique is derived from Osteopathic principles.


The theory behind MET suggests that if a joint isn’t used to its full range of motion, its function will lessen and it will be at risk of suffering strains and injuries.

This form of muscular therapy makes use of a patient's own muscle energy (the force); while the therapist presents a stationary surface (or anti-force) the patient will contract their muscle against to stretch the muscle and joint to its full potential.

Muscle energy techniques are applied to a patient to lengthen shortened or spastic muscles, to improve weakened ligament and muscle strength, and to improve range of motion.

This procedure is performed when a patient is asked to contract a muscle for approximately 5-seconds against an anti-force applied by the therapist. The muscle contraction is performed by the client 2 or 3 times in a row in the hopes to stretch the muscle further each time.  


Muscle energy techniques can be applied safely to almost any joint in the body.

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