4 Yoga Poses to ward away the winter blues

June 22, 2017

Yoga for lymphatic system


To prime your body for winter health, try this gentle sequence designed to support the lymphatic system


Unlike blood, which moves because of the heart pumping, lymph moves by muscular contractions. Physical exercise, such as yoga, is key for keeping lymph flowing. The movement of lymph is also affected by gravity, so any time your head is below your heart lymph moves into the respiratory organs, where germs often enter the body. When you return to an upright position, gravity drains the lymph, sending it through your lymph nodes for cleansing.


If your new to yoga just keep in mind that the poses are done slowly, and held for as long as you feel comfortable.  Less is best if your a beginner you can always build on the practise as you go.  


REMEMBER TO BREATH, nice slow breathing as you hold the pose is great.


Don't force anything, we don't want you to injure yourself, so remember you can bend your knees to lighten the length of the pose and just let the body naturally increase or deepen the pose when its ready. 


You don't have to be perfect - we just want you to try something new that is beneficial to your health & wellness.  Try doing this everyday for a month and see how you feel.  You won't regret it!


Downward dog


Did you know that this well known pose builds strength throughout the body and improves the functioning of your immune system?


To attempt this pose, firmly plant your feet at the bottom of your mat, then place your hands at the top of your mat so that your body forms an upside down V. If you are a bit under-the-weather when you try this, have a block nearby to rest your head.



Cat Cow pose


By far my favorite yoga pose, Cat-Cow gets everything flowing with only moderate effort. First, go into Tabletop pose (your hands and knees firmly planted on your mat, with your toes pointed behind you). Now arch your back like a cat, letting your gaze fall to the floor in between your outstretched hands.


Next, curve your spine the other way your body forms a U the other way. Your head should face towards the ceiling. 


Child's pose


Try sitting on the knees and bending forward with arms forward or by your side. Resting your forehead on the ground in this pose will help to relieve additional anxiety. It is a restful pose that can be sequenced between more challenging poses. This pose can also be done with arms along side the body rather than over the head. Do what feels best to you. People with blood pressure issue I suggest taking extra time to come up from this pose, or as an alternative making a fist with the side of your hand to rest your head on so your head isn't lower than your heart.



Standing forward bend


Begin with your feet about hip distance apart, take your arms above your head and slowly begin to drop your body forward, bending at the hips, and reaching your hands towards your feet. Take a couple of slow deep breathes and gently come back up. I suggest doing this either near a wall or chair if you are prone to blood pressure or bouts of dizziness so you can use the wall or chair for stability





Let us know how you go with these 4 simple poses, and keep an eye out for more.  If you have any special interests you would like me to cover please ask as our aim is to support you with natural methods and techniques you can use to help yourself.  


Having a treatment with us at PM natural health is of course beneficial to your health and wellbeing and we welcome you any time.  I will often hand out homework to help you further improve your symptoms in between treatments with me.  


Ultimately we want to encourage you to take more responsibility for your personal health by offering you simple techniques you can incorporate into your daily routine.


So watch out for more information that we think might be helpful to you.


Perpetually yours in health and wellbeing





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