I'm keeping the job I enjoy

July 3, 2017

A look into what I do in a treatment session


This young woman was thinking she would have to give up a job she enjoyed because of pain.  It was beginning to get her down, never letting up even on her days off.  


Young women in early twenties

Presenting symptoms:  chronic shoulder pain, range of movement decreasing due to pain, mid back pain and frequent headaches.


Background: She is a dog groomer, so her job involves a lot of lifting sometimes heavy dogs onto the grooming table which causes her to also twist her upper body. Also constantly holding her arms out in front while using the necessary equipment involved in her job. She also finds her job to be quite stressful at times.



First appointment the aim was to relax the women to reduce the effect that stress has had on her body, and to begin to make changes to the overall muscle tightness in the thoracic and shoulder areas. we began with a gentle full body massage which enabled me to feel where she was tight and to help her relax. I noted that she was tight in the areas she had mentioned, but also in her hamstrings which she wasn't aware of until her treatment. This would make sense as she spends her days standing on a concrete floor. I gave her some stretches and made some suggestion on ways to lift and keep her shoulders in a neutral position that would help take some of the physical stress of her body, also some breathing techniques she could use when her stress levels begin to rise. Client felt extremely relaxed after her treatment and felt her pain level had dropped from an 8 to around a 3 or 4.


follow up appointment: one week later 

chronic conditions are rarely fixed in one appointment and I wanted to review whether she had been following the maintenance program I had given her.


Treatment two: Client had felt great for the first few days after her first appointment, but the 2 or 3 days before this appointment the pain had returned probably to a level 5, this time. I asked if she had been using the maintenance program which for the first few days she had followed but then had forgotten to use it. Although she had remembered her breathing techniques and felt she was a lot less stressed than before. We followed a similar treatment to the first, although as she was more relaxed this time, I was able to target the areas of tightness to a greater level than the first treatment.


RESULT after 2nd treatment: Client felt pain was down to a level 1 when she got off the table. I reminded her of the importance of her maintenance program, and suggested monthly appointments would help her greatly as her job is always going to be physically demanding.


Review posted on Facebook from this client:

 I'm so happy I found Kerry, I was at the point where I was considering finding an alternative career as chronic pain was affecting my life so much. Kerry was warm and welcoming which instantly put me at ease. She explained everything thoroughly and her suggestions for things to do between visits have made a big difference. I expected the massage to be painful as I thought no pain no gain. Much to my surprise and relief although there were a few spots that were tender the treatment was really relaxing. I would and have referred people to Kerry. From the bottom of my heart thank you. 


I'll come add some more info if there are further improvements, as they happen with this young woman. Thank you CB for sharing your story.


Perpetually yours in health, growth and wellbeing



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