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Are you open minded?

As you move through life are you open to new idea's, beliefs & experiences?

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with someone who throughout his life had the opportunity to learn and immerse himself in Maori culture since he was a child.

You can read history but the knowledge that was imparted to him is traditionally given by oral story telling. You can’t google this information or read it in any books, it comes from learning, experiencing and integrating the teaching into your life and being of service to others.

I found him to be a humble man, very grounded, he had a calmness about him, and very accepting of my questions.

As a Kiwi, my interest was primarily in Maori Spiritual Traditions & Rituals and how they filtered down over the years with every generation.

What captivated me was the level of understanding which enabled him to explain these traditions and rituals especially the stories I’d heard as a child and believed to be myths but were in fact information from our past and analogies for our spiritual growth.

Awesome conversation…

But here’s where it got REAL!

I had questions around political debates which I personally feel somewhat separates and fuels prejudice. What I realised was that I had based some of my opinions not on factual information but on inherent beliefs.

I’ve had conversations with different people on this subject in the past, but during this conversation I had one of those moments where you FEEL a shift.

Why now?

Had I not asked the right questions before?

Was it because I felt this person had more authority and knowledge on the subject?

Was I listening with a willing and open mind?

Yes, to all the above, I’m still processing, but I have new information which has made me question my preconceived opinions.

Shouldn't we look at how we receive information. Then question it and look deeper?

How much of our beliefs or opinions formulated from what we have learned as a child and the propaganda that is feed to us through the news and the newspapers?

Do our Governments count on this to create fear, keep us separated, a scheme to keep everyone in line offering only the industrial and material society?

Unless we have an open mind to question what we have learned via our upbringing and what we see & read as 'The News' when the opportunity presents itself then we can miss the real story.

Without an open mind we miss the opportunity to gain new information and maybe to create change not just as an individual but for the benefit of all…. in every aspect of life.

Whether it be your health and wellness, your spiritual path, new breakthroughs in both modern and natural medicine, the list is long.

Science and Technology especially is forever changing providing new information that often replaces what we once thought to be true.

Information is changing all the time - what’s good for us, what we should eat, what type of exercise, the quick fix pill for every little ailment, and recently the choice of health care that they believe worthy.

It can be overwhelming.

It may feel like being thrown off balance, which can lead to never allowing or listening to new ideas or information and just blindly following the same path.

But this openness is essential to the process of personal growth and just maybe living a long and happier life.

I see skeptics all the time in clinic, I personally love the skeptic willing to keep an open mind and try my treatments. Most of these people go on to be my biggest word of mouth referrals.

Its OK to be wary, I say question everything. But always keep an open mind.

Maybe the key is realizing that we are not going to finally get to some place of having it all figured out.

Imagine yourself as a surfer riding the incoming waves of information, and the vast ocean as knowledge creating waves of varying sizes and degrees.

Start with an open mind, choose the wave that feels right for you and enjoy the ride!

As a side note –

I’m grateful to be reminded of why we should surround ourselves with people who lift our spirit!

Thanks you to T & P for having an Open Mind & an Open Heart.

With Luv


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