Space Clearing

for Work places 

Clear unwanted energy and Create & Activate the energy or vibe you want for yourself and your business.

Included in this service is to teach you the entire process, so you can continue to create for your business a space that continues to inspire into the future. 

Understanding Space Clearing


Space Clearing is a ritual where you actively clear the energy in a space. Different techniques have been used for centuries by cultures all around the world.  


What does “energy” in a space mean?


People and places all have a ‘feel’. That ‘feeling’ is energy. Just as there are people who ‘don’t have a good feel’ about them or ‘have a great vibe’, so do spaces in which we work.


How often do you walk into an office, shop, salon, spa or clinic and pick up on “the vibe”? It’s one of the first things we notice about a space – how it feels!


Even the most stunning of spaces can have a “feel” that makes us uncomfortable. We just can’t put our finger on it, but it “doesn’t feel right”.  On the other end of the scale you could walk into an office or shop and instantly feel at ease, comfortable and want to stay awhile.




 Why Clear the Energy in your business?


The essence of space clearing is to clear low vibrational energy to restore and create a high vibrational space. This creates a foundation from which to draw toward it like-minded vibrations; positive people, awesome experiences and opportunities, improve creativity and productivity, and to improve your cash flow, the list goes on.


Our thoughts, words and actions can raise or lower the vibration of a space. The energy of a space and people although invisible has a profound force on our behaviour.


So, if your workplace has a few negative Nelly’s, if people are not getting along, you are not the only one feeling this vibe. The low vibration left behind in this space in which negativity arises can poison what you do going forward. If you clear your space often negativity drops off, (or leaves) and the vibration you create during the clearing will attract the right people to your business.


 Staff retention rates and absenteeism can be markedly reduced when the office or business feels like someplace people want to be. 


We have people come into our clinic early just to sit in the room a bit longer because the energy of our consultation room feels relaxing and allows them to feel so good! 


We can help you remove the negative, dense, heavy or stagnant feelings and low vibrational energies from the space and bring in or activate the positive feelings, emotions, and any goals you are looking for.


The wonderful part of this service is to teach you the entire process, so if you notice a change in the energy of your space, you can create for your business a space that continues to inspire into the future. 


Reasons you may choose to have space clearing are varied, they include:

  • Moving into a new business space – to remove any negative or dense energies from the previous owners and to bring in positive, loving intentions for their family in their new home

  • Seeking harmony in all aspects, with staff, co-workers, business, health, relationships, and personal development.

  • Lack of energy and vitality – feeling stuck, blocked or stifled, low productivity, procrastination, and wanting to bring more joy, fun, creativity and connection back into your business life.

  • A continued spell of bad luck – to bring in good fortune

  • The change of seasons – set your intentions and goals for each quarter

  • A new year – to activate intentions for the continued growth and good fortune

  • Attract the right people to your business either as employee’s or customers


What to expect


We’ll have a chat prior to our arrival and will be guided by what you would like integrated into your business.

There are several tiers of space clearing ranging from basic to in-depth and the initial assessment helps determine which is right for you. 


Firstly, we may connect with the space and people energetically prior to our ‘in person’ space clearing, to get a feel of what may need our attention. Energy flows, where your attention goes, so if we feel a more in-depth clearing is required then we will often work on clearing your space prior and over the next few days.


We like to take a floor plan of your Office or workplace (that you have drawn for us), we’ll use this as a guide during the in-person process and continue for the next 3 days to clear and activate your desired intentions and atmosphere.



This may include atmosphere’s and vibrations like:

  • Peace,

  • Abundance

  • Validation

  • Amusement

  • Safety

  • prosperity

  • healthy employees

  • efficiency

  • creativity  

  • visibility

  • healthy communication

  • business goals

  • clear competitor’s energies to help claim your share of the market

  • and the list goes on.



We’ll share some insightful tips, wisdom and certain rituals, so if you notice a change in the energy of your business space, you can create for yourself a space that continues to inspire you in the future. 

You will also receive a Vibrational Spray and herbal incense to use over the next week or so, which dissolves any residue or ongoing low vibrations.


Your business has a vibe or a feel,

whether that's good or bad for your business

is in your hands. 

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