Space Clearing for your Home

Space clearing can be likened to spring cleaning your home

on an unseen, energetic level.

Various rituals and procedures are used to clear negative energies that may have built up around your home; these low vibrational energies are often created by previous occupants, arguments or illnesses.

Afterwards, the vibe generally feels much lighter and brighter, and health and sleep patterns often show a marked improvement.



In any Space Clearing the goal is to remove the negative, dense, heavy or stagnant feelings and low vibrational energies from the space and bring in or activate the positive feelings and emotions you are looking for.

The wonderful part of an In-Home Space Clearing is that we teach you the entire process, so you can continue this sacred journey of space clearing your home whenever you want to for yourself.



Space Clearings can be done at any time but a great time to do one is when you are:

  • Changing relationships (separation, divorce, moving in with a new partner)

  • Moving into a new home

  • Recovering from illness (once you are feeling better)

  • Lacking in energy and vitality

  • Having a continued period of bad luck

  • Changing seasons (spring cleaning time is particularly good) or it’s a New Year

  • Reclaiming balance in your life

  • Bringing peace, harmony and connection into your home and life

  • Connecting you with your home so that together you can achieve your goals

  • Bringing in positive energies to different areas of your home, to support and nurture each person who spends time there (for example, you could activate certain energies in a lounge/living room, a master bedroom or teenager’s room, to support the people who spend time in each)

What’s involved?

Prior to our arrival we would have discussed with you what your intention is for this space clearing process.   

Space Clearing involves some preparation both at your end and ours, the precursor to this ritual is to thoroughly clean your home. The de-cluttering and cleaning alone is one of the most powerful ways you can energetically make room for new positive vibrations to come in. 

We may do a clearing on you or occupants if we feel the need as well as the home, this often changes old patterns, invites in and awakens new aspects of self-expression, and welcomes joy as a primary focus.

There are many different levels of space clearing and our process may be more in depth than some, in most cases we find clearing over a few days reaps the best outcomes.  We often start our process a couple of days prior to our in home clearing and we like to take a floor plan of your home so we can continue for the next 3 days after.

You will be provided with a blend of herbal incense, Aromatherapy Vibrational Spray and a house blessing designed around the requested atmosphere you wish to bring to your environment.


We’ll share some insightful tips, wisdom and certain rituals, so if you notice a change in the energy of your home you can create for yourself a space that continues to inspire you in the future.   


Your home should feel warm, safe, and enjoyable 

What does your home Vibe?

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