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Natural treatment

Options for

Newborns and Babies

In times of need, when your baby is distressed, and you're unable to relieve your baby’s distress, Baby Bowen and Emmett techniques can make an immediate difference to baby’s wellbeing, and to yours as well.

Parents can easily learn the specific techniques or Baby moves to assist their baby’s ongoing improvement which makes this treatment option  the most popular for most parents.

Safe and Effective Treatment for your Baby


If your baby cries a lot without any obvious cause, or is not soothed easily, seems to be in distress post feeds or is unhappy for several periods in the day or night, then it may be time to consider other possibilities to see what else might be going on.


Often childbirth can be very traumatic for both mum and baby.  A long or very quick birth, cords wrapped around baby’s neck are just a few examples of trauma.  


In many cases medical intervention does not always resolve or help settle your child. These therapies can make both a subtle and profound measurable difference to your baby’s health and to your own well-being and peace of mind.


NOTE: Your first point of call should always be to your paediatrician, GP or Nurse.  We can work alongside of any medical care you are currently undertaking without any interference.  In most cases a combination of factors will be the most beneficial and I will discuss this with you.



Baby Bowen and Emmett Techniques can assist with:

  • Issues of Discomfort of neck torsion (tension in muscle tissue) can often cause baby discomfort in routine handling and feeding.

  • Sometimes there can be unresolved physical issues affecting baby as the result of a difficult or prolonged birth, this can be physical or emotional

  • Aiding digestion re retained air in baby’s gut, aka ‘wind’/colic

  • Aiding slow bowels. In the early weeks of a baby’s life, frequency of bowel movements can vary. This tends to ease as a baby’s digestion matures but for some babies, it can cause great discomfort for baby and for parents as uncomfortable observers. Baby Bowen and Emmett techniques can be effective in helping to both relieve and stimulate improvement.

  • Overloaded nervous system

  • Improve symptoms of Colic and Reflux

  • Problems with breastfeeding (If baby is not latching or your having problems with breast feeding it could be neck or jaw misalignments)

  • Settle restless babies.

  • Clicky hips, Pelvic Misalignment

  • Irregular sleeping patterns

  • Ears, Nose, Throat, Chest infections & Sinus



What is ‘Colic’?

Colic – is the term used for to cover any internal discomfort that your baby might be suffering from; wind or gas, bloated tummy, straining, passing wind without relief, bringing legs up and crying, appearing in pain, more crying.

Symptoms of colic are: wind, gas, constipation, muscular tension, indigestion, tense diaphragm, reflux and sleeping difficulties. These symptoms are not readily treated by your GP or your paediatrician. However, they can be treated by Baby Bowen and Emmett Techniques.

If you think your baby has colic, WebMD offers useful tips. See article here.

What is Reflux?

Colic symptoms are often mixed up with Reflux symptoms, in that both conditions cause a baby to be fretful and cranky and cry a lot. Reflux or more correctly Castro-esophageal reflux is: when acid from the stomach and contents coming in, cause an unpleasant mix and a ‘backrush’ that goes back up the eating tube / esophagus into the mouth, in the form of undigested or milky-like vomit.

For more information and tips to help about reflux in babies, see article here at Australian Breastfeeding Association.


Treatment Options

Now that I am a mobile service I offer to treat babies for FREE when I come to treat 2 or more family members.  

Please ask me about family discounts if you would like the whole family to be treated on my visit this is the most cost effective.

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