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Bowen Therapy

Bowen is included into Donna's

Integrated 'Body Works' Treatments

Bowen Therapy consists of a series of small rolling movements across different areas of the body in precise locations.


The therapist is gently manipulating soft tissue, (muscle, tendons, ligaments, & facia) to stimulate specific receptors & also initiating a reaction through the nervous system.

Bowen is safe to use on anyone at any age!

Bowen Therapy


The beauty of Bowen Therapy is in its approach; whilst there is an adjustment being made manually by the therapist, the treatment itself is actually the body's response to these Bowen moves. The technique stimulates the body's own innate ability to heal itself which is why so many different conditions can be addressed from the very first treatment. In other words, your body is making its own corrections and healing itself, each person will react to treatment in their own unique way and in their own time.


A Bowen Therapist does not diagnose, and the technique is not designed to replace medical care.


Bowen can be used safely in conjunction with any other medical care you are undertaking and is covered by most of the Private Health Funds.


Bowen Therapy facilitates the body's natural capacity for self-regulation. By integrating modalities that also share this philosophy the therapy is enhanced.  I find not one thing works for every person which is why I started integrating different techniques and developed my own unique approach to treatment.



Conditions that have responded well to Bowen Therapy

  • Acute & chronic pain

  • aching joints or arthritis pain improvement has been noted with regular monthly treatments

  • Back pain

  • Pain that radiates down leg - either down the back or side or front of the leg into groin)

  • Neck pain

  • Arm pain & wrist pain

  • TMJ (jaw) ears, nose and throat problems

  • Shoulder pain improves range of motion throughout the shoulder

  • Leg, knee and foot pain

  • Aids in Emotional issues

  • Improves Breathing difficulties, sinus congestion

  • Aids in pregnancy issues

  • Aids a restless baby, reflux, feeding problems, sleeping issues or traumatic birth and lots more.


This Treatment is Provided By Donna Cook

Bookings are made under the  "Body Works Integrated Treatment" Services


Private Health Care Rebates



Whilst Bowen Therapy has been covered by the majority of private health funds for over 15 years - Our government has changed its policies, allowing private health funds to drop existing requirements in our 'EXTRA's' cover, which means most natural health care will no longer be covered. This will come into effect 1st April 2019.   

Some private health funds may offer an alternative so you can claim but at this stage, it is expected that Bowen will no longer be covered.


Important Note on Private Health Funds

If you want to keep receiving cover for Bowen (and other natural therapies) write a letter to your health fund requesting that they remain covering existing natural therapies in particular Bowen Therapy.  



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