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Emmett Technique

"This is my most favorite technique to use when people are in pain

as it allows me

to reset the body most efficiently and reduce pain quickly" 

~Donna Cook

Emmett Technique

is the work of Ross Emmett, another Australian body-worker practicing in Townsville, Queensland. After successfully mastering Bowen Therapy many years earlier Ross integrated Bowen with his own unique therapy. The Emmett Technique is quickly gathering interest from body workers from around the world.


What to expect

Emmett Technique involves application of light pressure at particular points and in sequences that enable gentle physical release of muscles or muscle groups. This therapy allows the body to release the muscular memory of an injury and in most cases, pain relief is felt immediately. Therapists will also use a verbal approach to create attitude change, and often ask the client to perform a simple body action to activate a muscle group. These cues help the individual's body to realise a change has been made and also helps to lock in the body-work for lasting results. 

How can Emmett Technique help you
  • Perform at your Peak and Prevent Injury

  • Increases Lung Capacity and Body Flexibility

  • Improves Body Symmetry and Balance

  • Aids Forearm and grip Strength

  • Assists Back & Hip Discomfort

  • Improves Knee & Ankle Restrictions

  • Releases Neck & Shoulder Discomfort

  • Improves Body's Drainage of Toxins (Lymphatic Drainage)

  • Improves Immune System

  • Increases Stability


This Treatment is Provided by Donna Cook

To book with Donna use the 'Body Alignment Integrated Treatment' service heading online

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