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Government Rulings:


Must be Double Vaccinated 

Face Masks


Please don't ask me to come if your not double Vaxed!

Hand Hygiene

Rulings apply from 11th Oct to 1st Dec 2021

Return to Work Plan

PLEASE NOTE: These are the terms of agreement when you book an appointment with me. 

Must be double Vaccinated

Must wear Face Masks


You must let me know prior to the day of your appointment if you are not well, (even if you have a cold or flu) have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact or close contact with someone that may have symptoms of Covid-19. If you are uncertain as to whether you should cancel your appointment please give me a call. If I arrive for your appointment and you are not well, cannot provide confirmation of vaccination, I will Not go ahead with a treatment and you will be charged a Travel Fee of $50.00.

Please follow the link below for a full list of symptoms.

 Double Vaccination Mandates & Masking

Our government has mandated (in order to go back  to some form of normality) double vaccinations. My apologies to anyone who may not want Covid vaccinations, I can see you anytime from 1st December 2021. Please know I have personally decided that Vaccinations are "my way forward" but do not negate personally choice.


I will have my vaccination records available and as I'm required I will ask you to validate your double vaccination in some form before I enter your house. I do not like that I am to be held responsible for this regulation and I apologise in advance to anyone who finds this difficult.

There is no lenience as far as I can find in regards to those that have had a single dose and are waiting on a second, unfortunately we all have to be fully vaccinated. 

Masks are to be worn by us both when indoors

Please have a mask available for personal wear I do not provide masks

If for any reason you do not wish to wear a mask we can set up outdoors. 

Risk management process - compliance with health regulations 

I do not have any clear instructions from Service NSW as to how I follow the QR code regulations. Nothing is set up for mobile services only different clinic locations. At this stage I will be using my clinical program which has all my bookings recorded (date/time) as I'm told it will suffice for contact tracing rulings. 

Stringent cleaning and sanitizing
I clean all surfaces of massage table & utilities used for treatments both before and after every client

I am using 85% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Social distancing guidelines
I cannot control proper social distancing during treatment,  PPE gear/masks as per health regulations for my industry category are mandated for enclosed or indoor areas.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in health & wellness

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