Our Response to Covid19

Hand Hygiene

We OPEN 15th JUNE 2020.


With restrictions easing and additional Health and safety regulations to follow,

there are some changes that I thought I'd run through. 

Stringent cleaning and sanitation
We will be cleaning all services before and after every client using 85% Isopropyl Alcohol
Social distancing guidelines
We cannot control proper social distancing during treatment, but we have PPE gear to be worn.  Our waiting room chairs have been placed appropriately and we are limiting the number of patients seen daily.
Safely managing the flow of people in the workplace
At this stage, our online booking service is still closed. This will allow us to manage the flow of people and cleaning in between each client.

Risk management process - compliance with health regulations.
When you book an appointment, you will be emailed a questionnaire that is filled out online from any device (PC, Laptop, mobile phone, or tablet).

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in good health & wellness