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Emmett Lymphatic
Drainage Technique

If you’re ignoring your lymphatic system,
you’re missing out on a huge opportunity
to support your immune system
and overall health.

Why have a Lymphatic Drainage treatment?

The philosophy of lymphatic treatment is to promote healthy functioning of your immune system through stimulation to remove fluid and waste.



What does the lymphatic system do?

The lymph vessel system is just as complex as your blood vessels.

Basically, the lymphatic system prevents loss of fluid in our blood by recirculating fluid that is released through the capillaries back into the bloodstream and prevents excess fluid from lying around in the tissue.  

The lymphatic system directs the flow of fluid through the lymph vessels where it eventually reaches a lymph node.  Lymph nodes filter the lymph and contain large numbers of white blood cells (a big part of the immune system), which remove foreign cells and debris from the lymph.

When you get certain infections, the lymph nodes swell with billions of white blood cells working to clear the foreign cells causing the infection.

Lymphatic Drainage treatment

The Emmett lymphatic drainage technique, is a very rhythmic treatment to improve the movement and drain lymph where necessary that is built up or blocked in certain areas of your body.  Both Bowen & Emmett have Specific movements that can be done in precise locations around the body encouraging the flow of lymph. The treatment is done through light clothing and is very relaxing. Emmett has a specific routine for lymphatic work and I often use this for people that have had surgery or in aiding relief for cancer patients with very good results.

What can you expect?

A Lymphatic drainage treatment encourages the fluid to drain and flow properly. 

Firstly, we open the lymph nodes, so they’re ready to drain the fluid that you send to them.

The main groups are found in the chest, armpit, neck, stomach, pelvis, groin, and calf. 

Then you clear the fluid closest to the nodes, and gradually work around the body. The Emmett Technique Lymphatic sequence is the main therapy I use for lymphatic work as it is very very effective, nothing else I've learnt has come close to being as effective as this full procedure.

 The benefits of Lymphatic Treatments are:

  •  Increase energy levels

  • Improve digestive issues

  •  Reduce the symptoms of PMS

  •  Reduce pain,

  • improve joint mobility,

  • reduce swelling and inflammation

  • Relieve flu symptoms and improve immunity

  •  Reduce issues with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

  •  helpful with Autism & ADHD symptoms

  •  Eliminate Water Retention in the body

  • Can help with Chemo side effects or other conditions during cancer treatments

  • Can improve anxiety and the stress effect

The lymphatic system is vital for

  •  Elimination of toxins. 

  • The immune system. 

  • Weight loss and weight management. 

We encourage you to stay well hydrated before and after a lymphatic drainage treatment.

Emmett Lymphatic Drainage Technique
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