Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the techniques in my tool kit. 
There are times I will use massage techniques when required during a treatment session,
but I no-longer offer a full body massage as a stand alone treatment.

Below are some benefits of massage
so you may why I may apply massage techniques during a mobile treatment service

Massage Therapy seeks to obtain a therapeutic benefit.  Massage therapists use techniques or skills that are derived from a variety of massage styles to not only relax your whole body but at the same time, work through some of the muscle issues or “tight spots” you may be experiencing.


A Relaxing Massage is the best remedy to bring you down out of your active brain and give you that all-important ‘time out’. 

All ages will benefit from therapeutic massage, it is also suitable for people with disabilities, and people in treatment for medical conditions, some people such as athletes, labourers or stressed-out office workers, receive regular therapeutic massage to keep themselves in good physical condition. You can use therapeutic massage as a standalone treatment or part of a larger care plan.


How Does Massage Help You?

Massage therapy improves your circulation, which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and helps remove waste products or reduce swelling. These circulatory effects of massage may have value in the treatment of some inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.


Relaxation Massage therapy induces a specific response to the nervous system, which lowers your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure; plus boosts your immune system; and generally decreases the physical effects of stress. These effects suggest that massage may be helpful for a wide range of conditions.

I may use different remedial massage techniques along side Bowen and Emmett treatment sessions but I no longer offer full body massage as a stand alone treatment in my mobile services. 


Please see another therapist if this is your preferred treatment service


What Conditions Benefit from a Massage?

  • Aids the relaxation of muscle tissue

  • decreased joint and nerve compression

  • Increased joint and muscle range of motion

  • Increased function of the body as a whole

  • Improves stress-related pain & discomfort

  • Improves Anxiety

  • General Wellbeing

  • Can aid in Blood Pressure changes

  • Arthritis relief

  • Helps build Immunity

  • Decreases pain in Minor injuries