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Soft Tissue Muscle Release Therapies

Safe & Effective for
the Whole Family

Mobile Treatment Services

Servicing the MaCarthur and Campbelltown Regions

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 Returning to Work
Around 25th October 2021

please see my Covid-Safe plan by clicking here


"With more than 16 years of clinical experience, I've worked on thousands of people,

(many of whom have sort my help when needed for over 10 years) 

If your in pain, stressed out, anxious or in need of a re-boot, I'm super confident I can help you".

About Us

What to Expect

Specilising in Pain Relief and Relaxation

You can expect a therapist who respects your privacy,

comfort and individuality.

I take the time to listen and offer you additional choices in relieving pain, reducing stress, and helping to improve

your general health & wellbeing. 


Your Path to Wellness

Your appointment is a learning experience, as I provide so much more than just a physical treatment. 


I know how to work with you and provide the best level of care. I offer you all of my 18 years of experience, skills and techniques to draw from, and I'm confident I can help you.



If you replace 'I' with 'We', Illness becomes Wellness

Author Unknown

I do not replace any other health-care you are currently undertaking, but I can easily work alongside any other services, with no interference to your current medical plan.


"Thanks Donna for my distance treatment today. Felt fantastic.

It was just what I needed. Highly recommended"

Sherell - NSW

Distance Healing

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